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Receivables Factoring: an Alternative to Banks

It’s a sad fact that clients don’t always pay their invoices in a timely manner, and sometimes the bills come due before the payments have come in. Because of this, even businesses that are doing well sometimes have trouble coming up with cash-in-hand when they need it. When that happens, your first thought may be of securing a loan or a line of credit. But for many small businesses, a line of credit may not even be an option, let alone the best solution.
Alternative to Banks

Receivables factoring can help any B2B company that needs working capital right away, especially those that may have difficulty securing a traditional line of credit. The ability to turn unpaid invoices into quick cash may be particularly useful to new, fast-growing companies who haven’t yet established a good credit history, or to companies whose credit history may have a few weak spots. Rather than waiting around to be paid by your clients, you can turn your invoices into the cash you need to run your business by selling them to QC Capital.

Receivables factoring works because it isn’t a loan. Rather, it’s an advance against your accounts receivable. You sell your unpaid client invoices to QC Capital Solutions, we advance a portion of the balance to your business, collect on the invoice, and then send you the rest of the balance (less our fee). So it’s less about your credit history and more about your customers and the strength of your current business. Check out our receivables factoring process to learn more about how our system works, or, if you’re ready to start letting factoring put cash in your hands when you need it, click here to get started!