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Benefits of Invoice Factoring

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Key Benefits of Factoring with QC Capital Solutions:

Receivables factoring made simple: Receivables factoring (also called invoice factoring) is not a loan, simply an advance on your accounts receivable. A receivables factoring company can advance your business cash by purchasing your current invoices. The process is simple: After you fulfill a customer order and submit an invoice to QC Capital Solutions, we’ll confirm the invoice with your customer and send payment to you. After the customer pays QC Capital Solutions the invoiced amount, we’ll pay you any eligible reserve, less the factoring fee.

Here’s an illustrated example of the factoring process:
The invoice factoring process illustrated

Receivables factoring with QC Capital Solutions can help your business:

Receivables factoring with QC Capital Solutions puts the power of cash flow into your hands, so your business can grow. Want to learn more about how factoring benefits businesses like yours? Click here to get started!