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Factoring for Greater Working Capital

Factoring Services | Greater Working Capital


Cash is king in any business, but, cash or working capital can be difficult to come by—especially when customer invoices are unpaid after 30 days or more. This problem also creates headaches for your business accounting. Fortunately, receivables factoring can increase your working capital and improve your cash flow by simply selling your invoices to a factoring company such as QC Capital Solutions. Factoring provides greater working capital for B2B businesses

Sell your invoices? Receivables factoring from QC Capital Solutions gives small B2B companies access to working capital and allows them to run without interruption. Essentially, receivables factoring allows businesses to receive an advance on their client invoices and use that cash to their greatest benefit:

Why receivables factoring? A need for working capital, and the inability to secure traditional bank financing, are the main reasons businesses turn to receivables factoring from QC Capital Solutions. Factoring allows your B2B company to get paid immediately — within 1-2 days of submitting an invoice to your customer.

Simple and fast: The receivables factoring application process requires little documentation and effort. Most businesses see their factoring application approved within 24 to 48 hours. Your business can be funded in 5 to 10 business days after approval. An established client can be funded same day via wire transfer or next day via ACH after an invoice is received by QC Capital.

What else could you do with greater working capital on-hand?

At QC Capital Solutions, we buy invoices at a discount, advance a portion of the balance to your business, collect on the invoice, and then send the rest of the balance to your business (less our fee). If you’re ready to see what receivables factoring can do for your business, click here to get started!