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Personalized Factoring Solutions

QC Capital Solutions offers customized invoice factoring solutions, personalized for your businessIf you’re having cash flow problems, or if you simply need money right away and are unable to secure a line of credit at a bank, then receivables factoring from QC Capital Solutions may be the answer that you’re looking for. Factoring lets you turn your unpaid client invoices into cash, but the QC Capital approach doesn’t end there.

We started out as a small business ourselves, and we know how difficult it can be to run your day-to-day operations while keeping an eye on productivity, growth, and the competition. QC Capital offers you an extra set of hands. In addition to getting your business the cash it needs right now, we can help you with the work of collecting on your accounts receivables, taking some of that burden off your shoulders. When you sell your unpaid client invoices to us, we advance a portion of the balance directly to your company, and then collect on the invoice and forward the remainder of the balance to you (less our fee).

When you deal with us, you'll always deal with a consistent, dedicated contact person. Someone you know, someone you can count on, and someone who already knows your situation, and understands the needs of your business. And perhaps most importantly, someone who knows your business is unique and will help create the customized and personalized factoring solution that's right for you.

At QC Capital, we believe in the value of your business, and we know that your company is only as good as your relationship with your clients, so we treat them with the same respect and courtesy that you would. If you’re ready to see how factoring from QC Capital can bring a personal touch to your company’s cash flow, click here to get started!